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Is My Kid Suffering From Cold Or Is It A Case Of Allergy To Pollen
I have grown up in Florida and therefore have very little experience about seasons. But once I had moved to Tennessee, I found that apart from humidity and heat, there was something more too. The first few Nashville spring seasons were quite amazing. The flowers and greenery all around was indeed a wonderful sight. But strangely I also was a bit surprised to see my 2 year old son sneezing and sniffing non-stop. I was a bit confused and was trying to figure out whether it was because of a common cold or was allergy to pollen. I really hated being subjected to drugs and injections but also was keen to know the reason for his symptoms.

The Dots Can Be Connected

Are you keen on finding out if pollen was the reason for your child’s sneezing and sniffing? If yes, you could use many ways to connect the dots. Many seasonal allergies are hereditary in nature. Therefore if as a parent you are allergic to pollen, you can be reasonably sure that your child can also be affected. This is as per medical experts. However, this is just of the main reason for the problems. There are a few more signs which you must also look at.

Look For Some Tell-Tale Signs

There are quite a few other tell-tale signs and symptoms which you must watch out. You could come across coughing, sneezing, running nose, and eyes that are watery & puffy. Some kids could also complain of itchy throat. If you find the symptoms increasing outdoors or when the pollen count is high, it is quite possible that your body is responding to some allergic manifestation.

How To Overcome The Situation

Reducing symptoms is one of the best ways by which you can keep your kids comfortable. According to Kids Health from Nemours, keeping windows shut and changing the kids’ clothes are simple things that could help a lot. The kids should also be made to wash their hand once they come back home from outside. This could help keep allergic pollen under check. In case you find that the symptoms are continuous and strong. They could help with medicines to fight allergy. These medicines are quite safe on children and kids. You must not delay the process of sanitation because delays could lead to severe infections.

According to Healthline, pollen allergies are one of the most common causes for children and kids in the United States. Therefore you should not be alarmed or distressed if you find that your child is suffering from allergic manifestations. Once you are sure that the symptoms and reactions are attributed to pollen, you must use the best possible preventive methods to avoid the situation. Pollen allergens cannot be prevented and you can use medicines and also keep the child indoors till such time the pollen level drop down a bit. Hence the onus lies on parents to keep a close tab on the manner in which they respond to such problems and the symptoms which they exhibit.

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