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10 Facts One Must Know About Grass and Tree Pollen Allergy Symptoms
Throughout the year millions of people have itchy and puffy eyes, running nose, cough and scratchy throat because of being affected by pollen allergies. Most of us know basic facts about pollen allergies caused by trees, weeds and grasses but some of its surprising facts are usually ignored and not considered while treating the symptoms of pollen allergies. Some of such awful facts are briefly discussed here under to help you in treating your allergies more efficiently.

Location does not matter much: You can be affected with pollen allergies caused by trees and grass even if you do not live in an area where such trees and grasses are found. Allergy causing pollens can travel hundreds of miles with the help of wind to cause allergies to sensitive people.

Cause of allergy can be identified by tests: Though allergies are caused by pollen but it is not necessary that it is caused due to the pollen of the weeds, grass and trees as powder like substance collected by bees can also be one of their reasons. Such differences can be identified to some extent through some tests.

Natural remedies: Almost all types of allergy symptoms caused by trees and grasses like running nose, allergy in eyes or irritation caused by stings etc. can be treated through natural remedies instead of over the counter medication.

Do not rise up early in the morning: The level of pollen in the environment is at highest in early morning hours from 5 am to 10 am which can boost up your allergy symptoms. So people sensitive to pollen allergies should remain indoors in the early morning hours, even if they wake up early.

Painful pollen allergies: Though allergies are not very serious by nature still in extreme conditions they can be painful and discomforting and can cause severe headaches and obstruct sinuses. All such symptoms and their root causes can be treated by using different therapies.

Cryotherapy can be used to treat allergies: If all other remedies do not show effective results then you can also try cryotherapy in Toronto. This therapy strengthens your immune system to show remarkable results in treating arthritis and muscle pain along with various types of pollen allergies from trees and grass.

Increase in the number of allergy sensitive people: Though there can be many theories about the increasing number of allergy affected people but moving away from the natural farms and countryside, avoidance of germs and over use of antibiotics can be some of the major reasons for this increase.

Ignoring allergies: Pollen allergies caused by trees and grasses are usually ignored in the absence of clear symptoms or tests as they look like an illness caused by virus or cold etc. But they can turn into serious health conditions in the long run.

Effect of age: Sensitivity to pollen allergies can increase with increasing age due to deterioration of your immune system.

Sensitivity to pollen can be changed with changed diet: According to experts, pollen allergies from trees and grasses are caused due to bacterial imbalance in your gut. A switch over from processed foods to raw foods can reduce the symptoms of allergies.

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